Up close with an Egret…


This guy allowed me to get fairly close, although partially obstructed most of the time….click on image for larger version


10 Responses to “Up close with an Egret…”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Wow, you did get up close and personal – very nice!

  2. Nice shot! It’s not easy to get close to those guys.

  3. He looks pretty well camoflauged. Nice shot!

  4. He still was shy wasn’t he/she?

  5. Great photo! They are such beautiful birds!

  6. boomer3297 Says:

    Thanks everyone! It’s nice to receive comments….

  7. Really like your blog design – lovely warm colours.

    Great shot – so satisfying to get a good capture of a shy creature.

  8. That’s a stunning shot, I especially love the angle of the light.

    I am also doing the 365 next year and I have set up a link to your blog.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Great shot, I was just going through your blog before 365 challenge. This is an excellent shot, how close were you? Were you using a 300mm? I love looking into his eye that way.

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