365- Times gone by….

Times gone by....

In Times gone by this school would have been plenty big enough. This one room school in Colts Neck, NJ actually has it’s origin dated back to 1790! The rest of the story can be seen on the sign I merged into the photo. Click image to see larger version.


8 Responses to “365- Times gone by….”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    I love old school houses and this one is a charmer. Nice shot!

  2. Nice shot, bet many a student learned a few things there. O for those good ‘ol days.

  3. janets365 Says:

    Nice shot, Mike! My mother attended a one room school back in the 30’s and told me that the teachers back then had to teach more than one grade since there was only one room. She actually skipped two grades because she did hew own work and her older brothers!

  4. Great shot and History Mike we have little schools like that outback to (still running. One room, one teacher Junior and high school combined, you just have to love the dedication of some teachers.

    I fink I was teeched by de udder sort!

  5. Hard to believe that it wasn’t all that long ago that this was the way it was…it’s great that they preserved this bit of history, thanks for sharing

  6. Imagine what an 18th Century student would think of our modern schools. No corporal punishment! Laptop computers! Indoor Plumbing! Yellow Buses to drive them to school! Nobody asking them to haul in the firewood or feed and water the teacher’s horse! Parents not making them skip a month of school to help bring in the harvest! How much has changed….

    Nice shot, Mike. Thanks for giving me pause for thought this morning.

  7. Your little schoolhouse is very inviting, Mike. I like the lighting and the history lesson.

  8. Great photo and history lesson. Now that’s REALLY back in the day!

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