365- Solitary


My day ended at the North Beach in Sandy Hook. As I was walking around I felt like I was alone at the edge of the world, not a soul to be seen but a comfortable quiet.  As I climbed a up a patio for summer beach goers I turned around and saw this scene and had to say it felt good to be with this Solitary lighthouse.

Best viewed larger….


14 Responses to “365- Solitary”

  1. If you want solitude come to Australia, I will try to get a shot of twenty mile beach, normally it is totally uninhabited. The Barklay Highway runs 456 kilometres without a bend, but normally a truck will go speeding past every two or three hours, this land is vast and you would not believe the desert colours especially after rain. Sorry byt I Love Australia.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    Solitary and beautiful – love how you picked up the colors! What a scene (but then again, I don’t live in Australia)! Here in Nebraska I could get the “solitary” cornfields – ha!

  3. ok that’s it I am driving to sandy hook as soon as the weather gets nicer! Beautiful shot who knew New Jersey could be so pretty lol

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Absolutely stunning… What a wonderful feeling solitude can be sometimes. You really captured that with this image.

  5. This is a knockout! The color is warmer than I would think for this time of year. Most be not so solitary at other times.

  6. Nice photo. I can almost hear the hush of a whisper.

  7. Gorgeous!!

  8. Perfect for the theme – the colors are wonderful, and the lone car and lighthouse spell “solitary”.

  9. Beautiful! Your narrative is beautiful also.

  10. Yes, that does feel really lonesome.

  11. Beautiful!! It sound like everyone should have a spot like that for reflection.

  12. I really like the wide angle you used, it gives a feel for what the entire scene really looked like, not just a specific point. Great job.

  13. kimmerbean Says:

    Mike, this picture is so beautiful. Perfect choice of pictures for this theme. Great job!

  14. pretty place! perfect for the theme…lucky you to be able to enjoy this!

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