365- Beverage of Choice…


Over the past few years wine has become my Beverage of Choice and I’m always interested in trying new grapes. Over the past couple of months this has been my favorite varietal. A Cab/Merlot blend(I believe) and very drinkable. If available, give it a try. Click for larger version.


7 Responses to “365- Beverage of Choice…”

  1. I’ll be right over as it breathes Mike, I like the composition and the reflections in the glass.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    Mmmmmm, I’m with Ellen, what time is the wine tasting? Your image is beautiful, really nice composition and angle!

  3. oh wow this is beautiful the composition and the lighting are just perfect. Now make it a pinot noir and I’m in!

  4. What an elegant picture: the detail in the glass is stunning.

  5. Thanks for the wine critique, I’ll try it. The photograph is beautiful!!

  6. Great image, did you notice the self portrait or was that a hidden clue.

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