365- Steeple….


The Steeple, as well as the rest of this structure, is pretty impressive. I’ve been experimenting with HDR photography and would love your comments on this technique. I can’t wait to get inside and see if they will allow me to photograph it using this technique. Click on for larger version.


15 Responses to “365- Steeple….”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Churches are one of my very favorite pictures. Love how you zoomed into the door and now the whole image, shows all angles of this church’s beauty. The HDR really adds to the image – it brings out the dramatic sky and the detail in the building. I hope you can get inside, I am really looking forward to those photos!

  2. Mike, this is an excellent HDR rendering. I like the perspective too and I think the slight camera distortion adds to the atmosphere of the scene. I, too, look forward to interior HDRs if you are able to get them…

  3. I will build up the courage (One Day) really good photo with tons of zap to it.

  4. Great HDR effect. Nice angles on the photo.

  5. I’m not really sold on HDR, but it worked very well on this church!

  6. janets365 Says:

    I love the feel of this image! The dark sky adds a touch of drama. The HDR really works well for this image if you like the HDR that becomes a little surreal…and I do!

  7. Nice photo, the detail is great. I too will be looking at HDR very soon and this photo makes me want to start right now.

    To really set this photo up well you might consider straightening the building. Due to the location of the camera when photographing buildings from the ground they tend to look as though the are leaning back, when in person they look fine. Your brain adjusts for this, your camera does not. It isn’t a hard procedure in PSE.

    It is still a nice photo either way but straightening the building I think will really make it pop.

  8. When I first took a look at the photo, it took my breath away. The detail in the church agains the brooding clouds is stunning. I wondered how it was done, and then thought it must be HDR. You’ve certainly used the technique effectively.

  9. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  10. The HDR really enhances this photo. The church is beautiful and the sky is impressive, too.

  11. I haven’t cared much for HDR so far, but this one is great. The best HDR photo I’ve seen yet, and a great angle. (Would be a super photo without HDR, too.)

  12. The sky is very beautiful in this image.

  13. Another great image. I will learn from this 365 year.

  14. Great photo! Love the details, the colors and the clouds makes it mysterious.
    Maybe the church is haunted… 😉

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