365- From the Sea…


First illuminated in 1896, the Sea Girt lighthouse was utilized until 1955. When shipping lanes moved further eastward the light was no longer visible from the sea and deemed not useable.

Click for larger version.


10 Responses to “365- From the Sea…”

  1. Photos of lighthouses are some of my favorites – and this one is great. I like the gray skies next to the red bricks.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    I wished I lived in an area with lighthouses – they always make a great photograph and this one is no exception!

  3. This is beautiful the gray skies make the shot kinda symbolic as to when the lighthouses were really needed

  4. Now that is a Light House as well as a very pretty picture! Is it occupied?

  5. janets365 Says:

    Incredible image, Mike! Suitable for framing and the bigger the better. Love it!

  6. Beautiful photograph.

  7. did you use a special technique for this? It’s luminous!

  8. What a fantastic old house–it’s beautiful!

  9. I love your processing on this, Mike. Well done…

  10. Nice work, great contrast and lighting.

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