365- Bridges or Tunnels…


Another shot from beautiful Spring Lake. Not the most aesthetically pleasing bridge ever built but if you look carefully at the detailing of the walls it’s pretty intricate.

Click on for larger version.


14 Responses to “365- Bridges or Tunnels…”

  1. This photo takes my breath away. It’s real and unreal at the same time: exquisite detail, but still a sense of mysticism.

  2. I agree with Bobbie, there is something different about it, almost dreamlike, Well done.

  3. tmcchesney Says:

    Very surreal and striking!!

  4. Lovely Painting.

  5. Beatuifully done. This is a wonderful looking bridge.

  6. What a beautiful, rustic looking bridge. The ice makes it a bit surreal. I love it.

    All of your photos are fantastic. I don’t comment on all of them, so hopefully you’ll know that this covers all that came before! You are truly talented!

  7. Beautiful!!!

  8. Wow, love this photo. The mood and detail are wonderful.

  9. coffeemonkey Says:

    No, that is a cool bridge! Nicely shot too. I love old bridges, especially covered bridges, but out here in the west there aren’t that many.

  10. That’s one sturdy built bridge, I love the way it strides right through the shot and I love your processing

  11. Interesting bridge and the light in this photo is remarkable.

  12. You managed a nice perspective to take the shot – it looks like you are on the ice but I doubt it. You’ve captured the rustic quality of the bridge really well…

  13. absolutely charming!

  14. janets365 Says:

    Beautiful! You’ve done an excellent job of shooting and processing this wooden bridge. The scene looks very cold yet inviting at the same time.

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