365- Living the Green Life….


More and more of these panels are showing up around New Jersey. I believe NJ ranks second in the US for the utilization of solar energy in the US. Now much sunlight on this day, hope they had a back-up.


9 Responses to “365- Living the Green Life….”

  1. I hope they had a backup as well!! I’ve never seen the panels on the ground before. I have only seen them on the roof.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    I think we will be seeing more of those to come….great “green” theme!

  3. Hmm there is a fact I didn’t know and I live in NJ! lol and where are you that you don’t have snow?? lol

  4. boomer3297 Says:

    I live in Monmouth County and we haven’t had any snow to think of, yet.

  5. I’d like some of those myself! With our last electric bill over $400 (and I’m in a doublewide!) , solar panels would be nice!
    I’m seeing more on the ground these days, as they have to have the dust and dirt cleaned off regularly. Much easier to get to on the ground!

  6. Very Impressive! I hadn’t seen them on the ground either but what Sunny said makes sense.

  7. I imagine that they are solar panels but can not tell as they are so small in the photos posted.

  8. boomer3297 Says:

    Do you like the option of clicking on for a larger version?

  9. Mike, a great shot for the theme. (I like clickable photos so we can see larger views)

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