365- Snow or Ice…


Although it was 12 degrees  I still decided to go out early this morning. I’m glad I did because this was the first of only a few shots I took. This is the Manasquan Reservoir and as far as I could see it was completely frozen over. I don’t think they allow skating but what a great place it would be to do some skating. More Ice than any Zamboni could handle.


22 Responses to “365- Snow or Ice…”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Beautiful image, and look at that sky!

  2. The light in this is breathtaking – a real winner!

  3. wow what a great sky!

  4. The colours are great. Good shot

  5. Your composition is perfect, Mike. I could keep staring at this fantastic image for a long time……… 🙂

  6. Is that where frozen fish come from?

  7. boomer3297 Says:

    No, from the local grocery store……:)

  8. AMAZING photo, the colors are fabulous!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. Great colors and I love what you captured in this shot.

  10. It’s hard to brace oneself to go out in that kind of cold (believe me, I know!) but the light alone in that photo made it worth it.

  11. That’s beautiful. I wish I’d taken it. On second thought, I’m glad it was you freezing your butt off, rather than me! 😉

  12. Another gorgeous shot & processing!

  13. There’s a lot to this photo–the colors and textures. It really draws me in; i’ts great.

  14. You really have some great photos here! I really love this shot!

  15. Wow, a wonderful shot, love the composition. Just beautiful.

  16. Nice shot! Very rich in detail and that sky is pretty awesome.

  17. I love the naked trees. It does look like you could skate for miles…



  18. I love how the wide angle lens makes the clouds look so spread out.

  19. whoa! it looks like a painting.

  20. Wow. I really like this image. The clouds, the trees, the ice, the color. Sweet.

  21. janets365 Says:

    Beautiful composition! I always love your processing, too. Maybe you’ll share your methods with us sometime?

  22. boomer3297 Says:

    I still feel like such a beginner, but whatever I can help you with let me know.

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