365- Trio


A Trio of roses. Winter in New Jersey this year has been very cold, gray and dreary. These flowers are about as colorful as things get this time of year.

Click for larger version.


12 Responses to “365- Trio”

  1. Beautiful! The color is smoldering it’s so warm, hope spring starts showing signs soon.

  2. Nice boquet/bokeh!

  3. Very nice – hope it was for a special occasion!

  4. A Beautiful spray for a winter shot.

  5. oh, I think I need some of these in my home too…they’re beautiful! Great shot!

  6. Great shot for the Theme and I agree with Donna – I think I need some in my home too! Very beautiful!

  7. Lovely roses and a nice clear shot.

  8. So nice to see something not wintery! Green! Red! Gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful! You’re going to need some more by the 14th though! 🙂

  10. regularman Says:

    Nice shot! It’s sharp enough that I can take a moment to stop and smell them.


  11. Roses are one of my favorite! Sarah from sweden

  12. Very pretty bouquet and nicely composed to display it perfectly!

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