365- Computer…


Captured with a camera and processed with a Computer. Is it still photography? Do you like HDR photography? Is photography heading in this direction? Let us know your thoughts…

Click for larger version.


14 Responses to “365- Computer…”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    I love HDR and filter effects – I definitely think this is definitely a trend in photography today (and this is a very cool image)! I love all the detail the HDR gives to the picture!

  2. janets365 Says:

    Mike, I love this! I think of HDR as photography taken to a different level. (Not necessarily a higher level.) Whether the photographer is using HDR to create better “realistic” photos or “fantasy” images the original photograph(s) must provide a solid artistic foundation for HDR to build on. Bad composition cannot be enhanced by HDR. You are creating some excellent and artistic HDR images and this one is a fine example, IMHO.

  3. Sure it’s still photography. Even Ansel Adams use the technology his day–the darkroom–to create his images. You’ve used the techology available to us now to turn what might have been a very ordinary photograph into something that is visually attractive and interesting.

  4. Nice work! Can you tell us how you got the effect? What program did you use?

  5. coffeemonkey Says:

    I love well done HDR and this is one of them. In this case I’d call it art and photography. I understand the purists objections but I also think that taking digital photos into the realm of art becomes its own medium and the purists can still keep their as shot photography if they like.

    In either case, nicely done and great subject.

  6. hahaa! the question of all ages. my belief: art evolves and if one cannot appreciate digital/tech effects as part of the evolution, then one will never truly appreciate art completely. if photography didn’t change with the times, with technology, we’d still be shooting in JUST pinhole or box cameras. shoot… we may not even have photography because that, in itself, is a technological advancement in art. we’d still be stuck drawing paintings on cave walls as visual communication. ;p art is expression. however you feel is the best way to make that expression visual is art. great question! ๐Ÿ˜‰ great shot!

  7. I like HDR. I think it pulls out so much detail in some shots that it’s almost like magic. More than your eye can see, kind of thing.
    I love this shot. Great truck, BTW.

  8. Gorgeous image. Did you use Topaz Adjust?

  9. I think it is definitely still photography when it is enhanced by the computer. It’s just a creative interpretation by the photographer. I love the HDR effect, but feel that it probably is a fad that will become so commonplace it will be passe after awhile.

  10. I like this HDR image but there’s a lot I don’t – but then I don’t like every picture regardless of how it is taken, what of or who by, so the way I see it HDR is just another way to express artistic ability, have fun or make a complete mess of things and that is OK with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good question and I really do like this shot.

  11. I have played around with HDR (Photomatix) and really enjoy it on most, not all, photographs. To me, it enriches the photo. This is just one example. Well done.

  12. In my previous comment, I meant to ask you: How many exposures did you take and what was your bracketing? I’d like to compare it with how I am doing HDR.

  13. I love YOUR HDR, Mike, but not all. There is a lot of tone-mapping gone awry out there. Hope you’ll share more with us…

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