365- Winter…


From our snow today, I applied a filter from Elements..


11 Responses to “365- Winter…”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Which filter did you apply? This is really beautiful!

  2. This is beautiful. How come something so beautiful can be so awful at the same time!!

  3. Soon this will all be a memory — I hope!

  4. beautiful and such intricate detail. Nice job.

  5. It is beautiful, the red from the house makes it for me. Nice restrained use of filters.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! And cold. (I’m freezing now. I’m going to make a cup of tea.)

  7. Cool! (in mre ways than one…) The red of the shed or house makes it pop.

  8. Very nice, the snow keeps it from too busy and makes for a very good shot. Nice job.

  9. this would be lovely framed! love that punch of colour in the middle.

  10. Beautiful – I love how the red builiding is hiding among the snowy branches and it pulls you into it’s world.

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