365- Outdoor Seating


This is a pretty silly shot and in fact I was going to use it for that theme but in an effort to make some of the themes more interesting I though I would use it for Outdoor Seating.


13 Responses to “365- Outdoor Seating”

  1. If the inside is as nicely done as the outside it might actually be useable!! Nice processing on your “silly” shot.

  2. Wow, this is the best looking outhouse I’ve ever seen – you can’t miss it either with these colors! Nice and hilarious!

  3. Ah, yes. The old outdoor seating photo! 🙂

  4. Hope it isn’t that colourful inside it would scare the pants off you. I have been trying to find a theme for porta loo’s too but I used this one.

  5. I like your processing a lot. People must have fun naming these companies…

  6. Too funny! Great choice for the theme and wonderful colors.

  7. Ah the best seat in the house! Great artistic impression.

  8. pretty potty! so nicely edited and a rather unique take on theme! well done!

  9. You’ve mangaed to make a port-a-potti into a port-a-pretty!

  10. Fun treatment of this outdoor seating!

  11. This is funny and with such beautiful colors.

  12. Nice interpretation of the theme and great work on the image. Well composed for this effect and this is really very nice work.

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