365- On The Water….


Another marina shot, I wonder how many times these boats go out On The Water in the winter. It reminds me of one of my favorite shows, The Deadliest Catch… although Dirty Jobs gets my attention these days.

Click to enlarge.


13 Responses to “365- On The Water….”

  1. they look well aged! I bet those sailors could share some stories about the ocean

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    Beautiful image! I have 2 boys (and another big one) who love both of those shows – it must be a guy thing!

  3. Stunning colors and details…

  4. Just like a masterpiece painting beautiful.

  5. This looks like a painting. The light is fantastic.

  6. I’m drawn to the ocean and love going to the shore and marinas. This is a wonderful caputure.

  7. I agree…does look like a painting. Love the ripples in the water…

  8. wow! your photos are stunning! absolutly fantastic shots, all of them!!

  9. Nice composition and colors – DH and I both love Deadliest Catch too!

  10. Great shot, I love the colors and details, they give a real feeeling of being there and that sky…..its great too.

  11. Very nice, I like the color and the subject is great.

  12. Wonderful photo and well processed. You’ve got a great touch with creating a mood in your images.

  13. Very beautiful – love the color and the HDR.

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