365- Advertisement


This is my third attempt to process this HDR. The range from highlights to shadows is so great that my present level of processing skills won’t yield a satisfactory result. I will keep trying though.

Click to enlarge.


6 Responses to “365- Advertisement”

  1. Actually I like the edit – I like the colors and textures it brought out! Nice!

  2. I’ve not been a big fan of HDR. This is the first photo I’ve seen where I thought it might be useful. I hope you post it, should you ever be satisfied with one, I would like to see it!

  3. That is a park dedicated to advertisements – Right? So colourful and well laid out.

  4. I really like it and am curious too about why you’re not satisfied. I’d love to go to that ball park.

  5. Wonderful colors & processing! Perfect for the theme!

  6. This is a perfect image for HDR. You could always tone-map two versions and then blend the two in Photoshop. Sometimes the range is just too broad to get the effect you want without resorting to that method…

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