365- Musically Inclined….


Despite the face, my daughter is having fun playing rock band and is pretty Musically Inclined. She played the flute for several years in the school band and had several solos during her concerts.


5 Responses to “365- Musically Inclined….”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Love this in the black and white, she looks like a natural! I always wanted my boys to do band (I was a flute player and in college too), but unfortunately, none of my musical skills got passed on!

  2. I don’t normally comment on last years shots as there are enough to see from this year, but this is an exception. This is the best photo I have seen you post. Others can tell you why, it is great content.

  3. She looks very serious. Obviously, she’s concentrating intently on her music. Wonderful image.

  4. Great image, love the black and white.

  5. I love her look of concentration and the lighting. The b/w is perfect.

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