365- What’s Inside?


Not only did I wonder What’s Inside I also wondered what it looks like inside.  Someday I would like to experience sleeping in one of these on the open sea.


12 Responses to “365- What’s Inside?”

  1. Gorgeous shot, color, everything!!

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    Wouldn’t that be cool? Beautiful image and love the effects you used!

  3. Looks like a good HDR to me great tones.

  4. I could spend a few days on the open seas in a boat like this. Great shot.

  5. Love the composition and the processing too…

  6. Another beauty! Regarding your question about industrial….no, it’s not.

  7. What an amazing photo–I love the dreamlike quality it has.

  8. beautiful photo! I love the way it looks like a painting. So peaceful!

  9. I love your composition and color and processing. I’d wait til summer though for an overnight.

  10. coffeemonkey Says:

    Wow, that photo is rad.

    Very nicely done and a great subject. Good job.

  11. Another wonderful HDR – and I wonder what’s inside, too. I slept on a small sailboat for a week years ago – it was too cramped for fun.

  12. Beautiful shot! It’s great being rocked to sleep each night! : )

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