365- A Movie Title


As I look at this boat I can’t help but think of the movie A Perfect Storm. The boat in that movie looked to be about the same size as the Alex Marie. Even with a bow this big it’s not sufficient to handle some of what mother nature deals out.

Click to enlarge.


12 Responses to “365- A Movie Title”

  1. We all loved that movie – perfect image for the movie!!

  2. Did Gtant photograph the Sister ship of your photo, same colour too.

  3. Sorry Just checked his was the Brenda Marie and it was white,

  4. Love the angle of the shot and the bright green of the boat.

  5. I love the colors and the perspective.

  6. iheartfilm Says:

    I like your HDR work.


  7. Fantastic image and processing too. Just love this…

  8. That boat has seen some tough times.

  9. Great shot and color. I like your processing a lot.

  10. jerseybirder Says:

    great capture. i really like the angle of the photo.

  11. Wow, the colors are so vivid! Looks like that boat has served its captains well!

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