365- Closely Cropped


My two daughters and their cousin closely cropped.

Click to enlarge


10 Responses to “365- Closely Cropped”

  1. I don’t understand none of them have a haircut like I had when I joined the Army.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    Great picture and what a beautiful family!

  3. What a trio!! So cute and beautifully photographed.

  4. With their heads together like that, one wonders what mischief they’re planning next!

    Pretty little girls, and a wonderful image of them. Nicely done!

  5. I was thinking mischief too! They are lovely girls and this is a really nice portrait…………..

  6. Great shot, they all do look like they are getting up to some mischief. Wonderful.

  7. A lovely potrait indeed, I see trouble too.

  8. Beautiful portrait of three beautiful girls!

  9. A perfect portrait of three beautiful subjects! I like the soft effect.

  10. jerseybirder Says:

    great portrait. i just picked up a photo guide on shooting portraits and children, and with two grandkids and another one on the way i hope to have plenty of practice.

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