365- Drive Thru or Take out


Ahhhh Checkers….. I’ve never eaten at this place but the drive thru looks pretty nice.

Click to enlarge


6 Responses to “365- Drive Thru or Take out”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Never heard of it – but i LOVE chicken!! What a bright and cheerful drive thru!

  2. Never eaten there either – but it sure looks nice and colorful!

  3. We don’t have them (yet) but the line up indicates they are popular.
    Great theme full of colour and Espirite de Nasione.

  4. Karen S. Says:

    Reminds me of a good old-fashion burger drive in. Nice capture for the theme.

  5. The ‘checkers’ theme reminds me of the original red and white tile on the old McDonald’s restaurants back when I was a kid. I think you should have tried the burger…

  6. jerseybirder Says:

    Nice image. I like the angles..I ate at Checkers once some time ago…didn’t go back…

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