365- Law Enforcement


The weather today was awesome, 72 degrees at about 10:00am. I went down to the reservior and saw this lone boat docked near the main landing area. I’m not sure of their official duties but I guess they have the ability to enforce some laws..

Click to enlarge.


10 Responses to “365- Law Enforcement”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Beautiful shot, and wow, that reflection is incredible – so clear and detailed!!!

  2. Danudin Says:

    Great shot except it is unmanned (womanned)

  3. Karen S. Says:

    A super shot and great take on the theme but those reflections are just stunning. Wow!

  4. Fabulous shot. It looks like the boat is sitting on a mirror. Perfect reflection. Love the cripsness and color of this photo.

  5. The reflection is spectacular!

  6. janets365 Says:

    Beautiful shot! Love the reflections and lighting.

  7. They probably have more power than police since they may even be federal. Great shot and details of the water, its just like glass.

  8. Super shot and I’m betting that is a pretty cool job too….

  9. What a fabulous shot. It’s beautiful.

  10. Really like the reflection in this shot! Nicely done

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