365- Hang Outs (My Theme)


This is a bar/ restaurant that’s a popular hang out in Freehold, NJ.  The fare is American-Asian fusion and the martini offerings are rather extensive. My wife says the chocolate martini is to die for.

Click to enlarge.


10 Responses to “365- Hang Outs (My Theme)”

  1. dsfisher421 Says:

    Looks like a great place, would like to try that chocolate martini.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    Count me in then, chocolate martinii’s are one of my favorites!!

  3. Looks like a fun place hang out. Nice composition.

  4. I like the processing–it adds a sense of timelessness.

  5. janets365 Says:

    I love this shot! All that warm wood and brick that your processing enhances so nicely. Looks like a great place to hang out. I’ve never heard of chocolate martinis but I’d sure be willing to try one!

  6. I like this one for a theme and your processing is terrific for this ‘hang out’.

  7. And a great place to eat too! My wife and I don’t get into the Boro as often as we would like, but have had dinner a couple times here. The image is nicely done, too.

    • boomer3297 Says:

      Your right, the food is pretty good here. Have you ever tried El Meson in the boro? Great Mexican if your into that fare…

  8. I’d love to hang out there. Great shot and processing,.

  9. definitely would hang OUT here and look at the building—gorgeous facade…love the brick and dark wood with the arches. Lovely shot!

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