365- Broken


As I was driving the other day I passed these telephone poles and noticed that the only thing holding this pole up was the rope and wires. I wonder if that’s the safest way to secure this broken (cracked) pole?

Click to enlarge.


12 Responses to “365- Broken”

  1. They wouldn’t call it a safety rope if it wasn’t, I believed the zoo people about that tree. When did you join the skeptics society, I bet your membership is up to date, like mine in the flat earth society!

  2. Looks like she’s ready to go any minute.

  3. That looks really scary. Great eye.

  4. Don’t drive too close to it. Made for a good picture though.

  5. tmcchesney Says:

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm………………………..

  6. Good catch on this one! Now becareful when you drive by in the future; who knows when it’s going to drop!

  7. dsfisher421 Says:

    Oh yeah, that’s my favorite way to fix things. Yikes. Good shot for the theme!

  8. Mary Lou Says:

    I hope you shot this with a telephoto lens. It looks pretty scary!!

  9. My husband’s father was an engineer and could fix anything. His most disappointing thing in life was that his son (my husband) could not fix anything. This is most definitely how my husband would have fixed this pole!

  10. wow wonder how the car made out – nice find for the theme

  11. It looks like it is going to go at any moment. Have you gone back to see if its still standing?

  12. Holy Doodle! Looks Dangerous to me! Scary.

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