365- Recessionary Economics


I’ve driven by this truck depot for the last 8 years and up until 5 months ago there were 30-40 trailers  parked here everyday. Well, I guess if there’s no goods to transport there’s no need for any trailers either. Hence, the for rent sign in front of the building. I wonder how long this building will be empty?

Click to enlarge.


9 Responses to “365- Recessionary Economics”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    HDR? Love the effect here – a great image!

  2. I love the effect too but not the message that you so clearly portrayed.

  3. coffeemonkey Says:

    Nice effect and lighting. Good job.

  4. janets365 Says:

    This photo and your processing combine to really get your point across. Nice!

  5. dsfisher421 Says:

    Great image; love the stormy clouds with this theme.

  6. Very nice effect on a very sad photo commentary. Hope it stops soon. Gettin’ scary.

  7. Mary Lou Says:

    This photograph is another constant reminder of the loss of jobs and the loss of revenue in the world. It exhibits a lot of sadness while being a beautiful photograph.

  8. The low-hanging clouds really add to the forlorn look.

  9. The effect is perfect for the image…..

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