365- Shadows


I’ve discovered that if you ever have photographer’s block you should go to your kids for ideas. My daughters were outside playing and being kind of goofy so I took advance of their mood to snap a few photos.

Click to enlarge.


18 Responses to “365- Shadows”

  1. You have done a masterful job on delineating the shadow Mike, but it was made by the texture of the background material, a shot to be proud of, I’d have the daughter on the right watched closely though. LOL

  2. I never knew shadows could be so full of life and action. Unique and charming!

  3. Looks like they are having fun. Fabulous shadows!!

  4. what a fun photo…kinda “charlie angel’ish” in a way…just missing the third gal!

  5. You’re absolutely right about that! And you’ve certainly leapt over whatever block you had…

  6. Creative girls you have, this is awesome!

  7. Wonderful photo. The girls look like fun kids.

  8. Really nice photo! Aren’t little (or not-so-little) girls fun to watch. You took advantage of a great opportunity and wound up with a wonderful image!

  9. What a great idea. You captured them perfectly.

  10. Great shadows. I bet the girls had fun with that…

  11. Very creative! Well captured!

  12. Gorgeous!!! Love the shadows and the poses!

  13. Great shadows. Great fun. Great kids in their poses.

  14. Nice shot! I too find inspiration from my kids.

  15. How clever – that is such a good shot.

  16. What fun! I’ll just echo all of the above.

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