365- Turkey or Fowl


I was actually out looking for a shot for the repeating pattern theme when I came upon 3 of these guys on someones front lawn. What was interesting was that this particular turkey decided to come right up to my car as if to say go ahead and take as many pictures as you want. I shot away and decided to post this one.

Click to enlarge.


11 Responses to “365- Turkey or Fowl”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    He wanted to be your model for the day! A few years back I had a wild turkey who showed up on my front stoop and picked a fight w/ his reflection in my storm door. Needlas to say, the reflection didn’t win and I had to replace the glass in the door. Gotta love them turkeys!!

  2. Looks like a Turkey in a really Fowl Mood to me, if you had of been able to get all three in a row that could have been your repeating pattern, go back! get shot of a poser that one.

  3. Nice photo. He’s much lighter in color that the wild turkeys we have. I like the way captured his profile.

  4. He’s definitely posing and preening for you. What a vamp! Great catch for the theme.

  5. He probably thought you had some food for him. Was one of the other turkeys a female? If so, he is puffing himself up for her, saying: Hey, look at me. I’m better than that other guy.

    Great shot. And one you certainly would not have expected to simply fall into your hands so to speak. Good thing you were already looking for a photo op or you might not had your camera with you. Good job.

  6. Usually the wild turkeys I’ve seen here in Ontario, New York, and in New England have much darker plumage than this. Even in the spring I think they are brown. A different variety, I guess?

  7. Looks like someone’s Thanksgiving dinner got away! Great shot!

  8. He’s handsome, and knows it! What a great shot. Turkeys are cool birds. (I wonder who those three belong to, and do they know they’re missing?) How lucky to have this fellow come up to visit you!

    They make cool pets, too. Amazing personalities, some of them!

  9. Nice shot and super photo for the theme! This fellow looks pretty grand walking about with his white feathers. Wild Turkey are much darker and can be challenging to spot against the background (though you can hear and see them in the Pine Barrens with a little effort).

  10. Great shot! Gobble, gobble.

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