365- Fences

Fences, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

These very intricate fences are scattered all over the Monmouth Battlefield State Park, site of the longest and largest battles of the Revolutionary War in 1778.
Designed to thwart the advancement of the British army, these fences may have helped George Washington and 13,00 troops repulse two British attacks in heavy hand-to-hand combat. By sundown, the intense heat of the day had taken its toll on both sides, and the British slipped away under cover of darkness. American casualties totaled 69 killed, 161 wounded, and 37 dead of sunstroke. The British reported 147 killed and 170 wounded.


11 Responses to “365- Fences”

  1. Thanks for sharing a great part of history, but better yet, a wonderful image which tells a story! Another great (HDR, I am assuming) effect!!

  2. This is a photo that just screams to be enlarged, framed and hung!! History aside, what wonderful colors, complex composition and formation. The fact it has a historical story to go with it only enhances the photo. If I were to have it hung on my wall, I would want a printout of a brief description of the place and story of how it was involved in the battle. Then have that pasted to the back of the photo frame.

  3. Teh golden tones and long shadows add to the elegance of the photo. I love the burned in edging.

  4. Everyone above me have echoed my exact sentinments. If that were my photo I’d have it framed. Memorable story to go along with a beautiful photo.

  5. Mary Lou Says:

    Fabulous photograph and ditto what everyone else said!!

  6. Another great shot!

  7. janets365 Says:

    Excellent! Topaz, I assume? If so I think you’ve mastered it. Those fences must be a battlefield standard. Yorktown is just a mile from here and there are miles of those fences there.

  8. Stunning shot of the fence – the colors and lighting are perfect.

  9. It’s hard to come late and not repeat what’s been said, so ditto to all of the above especially regarding the quality of the light.

  10. I’ve been after a shot like this, this is very inspiring. Great work.

  11. very nice. i was thinking of these fences before i came upon those at cades cove in the smokies. i need to take a walk around the battlefield..haven’t been there in forever.

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