365- Historic and Water



At the time of The Battle of Monmouth(1778) the historic Craig house was utilized as an officers quarters and hospital. Weeks before troops started gathering, the owners, the Craigs, decided to flee and hid all their valuable silverware in the bottom of this well. Unfortunately it was extremely hot and thirsty British troops drank all the water from the well and in the process found and confiscated all the Craig’s silverware.


8 Responses to “365- Historic and Water”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    What great images, and love the history behind them! Who would have thought the well would get low in water!! What luck!

  2. What a shame that they lost their fortune. Nice focus on the well in this shot.

  3. Both shots are dramatic! The old house is like old barns. Lots of stories to tell. Grand shot.

    Tammy: Wells can run dry. I’ve had to spend many a summer with small children at home with the well dry. One particular summer, a new baby was in diapers. No disposables either. Not fun.

  4. Beautiful shots! The colors are fantastic and the texture showing in the old wood is great. Thanks for the history too; makes the shots even more interesting.

  5. I really enjoy the history behind the photos and the images are amazing.

  6. Mary Lou Says:

    Great photos and history lesson. The shadows and postprocessing add to the beauty.

  7. Great story and photos.

  8. I thank you too for the history, great shots , the house looks so strong and the shadows from the fence are great.

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