365- Box or Boxes

Cascades Wine Boxes, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Ron, I hope this is far less a stretch than my previous post.
This is another room in the wine cellar at the Grand Cascades, filled with barrels and boxes(crates), it’s the door and the wall fixture that adds to the great detail of the room. What do you think?

Click for greater details….


11 Responses to “365- Box or Boxes”

  1. Thought you would like the comment Mike, but I would have called this tower as the boxes are stacked so high. Love the total brick colour.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    Another amazing shot and wow, what effect is that you are using – I love it!

    • boomer3297 Says:

      A multi-exposure with shutter speeds that were in the 45 second range, all because it was so dark and the lighting was so bad. Can’t get rid of the color cast so just going with it.
      Thanks for the compliments…

  3. It’s a beautiful shot. Full of interest and with a painting quality to it.

  4. I hope everyone clicks for the larger view – it is one outstanding image. The color cast is intriguing, by the way…

  5. I’m so glad I saw the bigger version! Cool shot and great processing.

  6. I really like this one too. I mean, this is super!

  7. Mary Lou Says:

    Fabulous!! So this isn’t post processing?

  8. another super shot!

  9. What a glorious glow! There’s something of a very fine woodcut in it, too.

  10. Spectacular shot and spectacular processing!! Gorgeous!

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