365- Spiral

Cascades-Wine-Cellar-2, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

A spiral staircase leads you down to the wine cellar at the Grand Cascades Lodge.
This wine cellar is home to the largest and most valuable wine collections in New Jersey. There are 65,000 bottles of wine with an estimated value of $32,000,000.
Of the 2 or 3 wine tasting rooms, this one was the most impressive and the most ornate. Needless to say a challenge to photograph.
Click to enlarge for full details.


7 Responses to “365- Spiral”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    What a unique take on the theme and what an image! The effect you used on this is outstanding!

  2. I love the effect you used on this! Looks like a pen and watercolor painting. Most interesting take on the theme! (They did say we could stretch it, didn’t they!)

  3. Okay you win – I give up, I stretch these themes as far as they can go but how am I gonna beat spiral, based on a staircase that we don’t even get to see. Mike I even think this room is at ground level and you just made it all up, where would you learn that kind of skullduggery?

    • boomer3297 Says:

      All I can tell you is that my wife can vouch to the fact that there was a spiral staircase. In fact, she almost wouldn’t go down it because it was so dark and narrow. If you can’t trust the wife, who can you trust…the mistress?

  4. Very cool shot, Mike! It exudes opulence without being too excessively outfitted…

  5. Mary Lou Says:

    Gorgeous wine cellar. Your postprocessing adds to the beauty of it.

  6. FANTASTIC. Love what you did to this shot!

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