365- New

Grand Cascades Lodge, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This is the new resort we decided to relax at during the last 3 days. It’s called the The Grand Cascades Lodge and it’s in the mountains of northwest New Jersey.
This lodge is beautiful and full of activities (Golf, skiing, spa’s and swimming) for everyone and the food, coming from a connoisseur of eating, kept me well satisfied. We loved it and would recommend it to anyone.

I forgot to mention the excitement on our first morning here, we awoke to a black bear feeding on some trees etc, near the front entrance….I rushed downstairs with my camera to find the the front desk staff scurrying around and alerting the golf shop staff that the bear was heading towards the golfers at that end of the resort. I ran to that end of the resort but to no avail, the bear tricked me by making a 180 and ran the other way.    More pictures and themes to follow…..


7 Responses to “365- New”

  1. With “Golf, skiing, spa’s and swimming) for everyone and the food, well it’s to die for” who would have time to relax, I would need a weeks break after staying there two days. Terrific Photo of the resort I hope you offered it to them for their brochures.

  2. Nice looking resort and nice photo. But from the name, I was expecting something nestled into a mountain scene in the Cascade Mountains of Washington/Oregon States. A tad bit disappointed.

  3. This place is in Jersey? Why hasn’t my wife ever told me about these locations. I always thought north jersey was nothing but concrete and pollution.

  4. tmcchesney Says:

    Looks beautiful and relaxing!

  5. A very attractive photo of the resort – could be on a brochure!

  6. Mary Lou Says:

    This looks like a gorgeous resort. I guess the bear thought so too!!

  7. Very tempting – that’s an easy day’s drive from me! It looks wonderful – nice capture of the architecture.

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