A Pair of….

A Pair of…., originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Great Horned Owlets……..A shout out to Cher, a flickr friend who led me to these Owlets. Thanks Cher!


12 Responses to “A Pair of….”

  1. What a great find and Cher is a good friend to share this with you. Great twofer!!

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    I love these guys, looks like they are posing just for you! What a great friend you have!

  3. They seem a bit grumpy about being disturbed by the light but it’s a super shot.

  4. Them there is Killers Eyes and they now remember you, and They are growing stronger every day, how about you? Watch out old man! Worth the risk for such a beautiful shot I think.

  5. I love your owls!

  6. Nice shot, nice friend combined into a great theme catcher! It is rare to get one of these critters much less two! Good colors and composition. Wonder if owls are like pigeons? The squab are twice if not three times the size of the parents.

  7. Hey Boomer…yep, you and I must have nearly walked by each other on Saturday! Well, I was there from around 6:30AM until about 1PM. Nice capture!

  8. The look a bit peeved…kinda reminds me of my teenager when I have to wake her up in the morning.

  9. They are beautiful. I really like how they blend into the background.

  10. Aren’t they cute, what a great photo!

  11. Wonderful shot of the pair. Check out Vicki’s blog, she has a mom and baby Great Horned in their nest.

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