365- Metallic

Metallic, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

The Cabin restaurant has started it’s weekly cruise night and tonight only about a dozen cars were showcased. As the weather warms up I’m sure more will show.
Anyway, this is a Impala convertible originally in a gold color. I liked this B/W better, it does give it a metallic look.


10 Responses to “365- Metallic”

  1. this is great–the car seems to be pure chrome, and the red lights are perfect counterpoint.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    the selective coloring and effects makes this one picture perfect! LOVE it!

  3. Very artistic and creative! The tail lights add just the right amount of color to the shot.

  4. Very, very, cool shot and the black & white gives it a really unique look.

  5. very cool looking. I love how all the details are so sharp!

  6. Cool, looks like it is totally chrome.

  7. Danudin Says:

    Great shot, it is good to see a tail light that looks like a Car Tail Light.

  8. The B&W really works for this photo – metallic all the way.

  9. Mary Lou Says:

    Very unique with the selective coloring.

  10. Ditto to everyone above – very cool photo!

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