365-Grass, Turf or Lawn

365-GrassTurf Lawn, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

The only thing that I can think of to connect the picture to the theme was the fact that I was lying on the grass when I took this picture. I couldn’t find any other theme that I hadn’t used to fit the picture. So you decide if I stretched it too far.


8 Responses to “365-Grass, Turf or Lawn”

  1. I don’t much care what theme it fits ’cause it’s gorgeous! I love the lying-on-the-grass perspective and the simplicity of the scene. Perfect!

  2. Perhaps – but it’s such a great shot, I agree with Julie! I don’t care at all!

  3. Ron has taught us that you can never stretch a theme too far and I’ve done more than a little bit of stretching myself. Besides, turf doesn’t have to be manicured Scotts Turf – it can be these lovely wildflowers. Like Julie said – it’s far to pretty to not have some reason to include it in the blog.

  4. Great perspective of this beautiful scene! I don’t think you’ve stretched too far, I like the creativity of it!

  5. jmckiss Says:

    Well, it’s a beautiful image anyway!

  6. Not a stretch at all except that you were stretched out. Great color and composing.

  7. Lying on the grass works for me. I love shots of birdhouse, made doubly nice surrounded by great color in the flowers.

  8. Mary Lou Says:

    A stretch is ever to far when 365 blogging!! Fabulous photograph. Your perspective is amazing and I love the purple flowers.

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