365- Puzzle

365- Puzzle, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

After eating pizza we found a nice spot on the beach with not many people around. This allowed my daughter full concentration on the word search puzzle.


5 Responses to “365- Puzzle”

  1. Oh, gosh, I love this! Great colors and composition and of course, the perfect spot on the beach. Mind sharing any processing tips for this?

  2. boomer3297 Says:

    Thanks for the post Julie! This was bracketed and then tone mapped in Photomatix. I then went into Elements and adjusted levels, saturation etc. I then touched it up in Topaz Adjust and finalized it with a high pass sharpening @ about 2.5 pixels.
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  3. tmcchesney Says:

    I would give anything to do a word search in that setting! Gorgeous image, those colors just pop!!

  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the info. I try to steer clear of subjects with motion when I do multiple exposure HDR because I worry the software won’t be able to align properly. Did you have any problems with that?

    I love the natural look of this, vibrant but natural.

  5. Starting with a wonderfully composed shot your processing has an almost illustrative quality. So nicely done

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