365- Sport

Sport-we, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I was out the other night driving around looking for something to photograph and saw this beautiful sunset. I remembered that there was a pretty wide open view of the western sky behind a local school. As I was lugging my tripod and camera I noticed a soccer team practicing in the field.
So although the sky is prominent I thought it would also be great for this theme. So my question to you is, Do you think there is enough of the soccer players and equipment as the focal point or are you directed more to the distant sunset? Let me know!

Photo has more detail viewed larger…just click it.


6 Responses to “365- Sport”

  1. Danudin Says:

    In my opinion YES but would have named it Goal! – An After thought.

    Are the vivid colours HDR please they seem richer than my life.

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    My eyes travel towards the homes and sunset rather than the soccer players. Wow, this is truly a gorgeous night to be playing soccer (or watching for that matter).

  3. The sunset catches my eyes first and then I see all the details and the soccer players. I like it.

  4. this shot is more about the sky for me than the sport. Wonderful capture both ways!

  5. My eye went to the goal and player in red then to the sky and back to the field. A vibrant shot, the perspective puts you right in the field. Good question but I am ambivalent and so not helpful..

  6. Mike, I’ve come back to this shot several times now and my reaction is pretty inconclusive too. I do love the sky and the row of houses and the slightly rolling turf. Part of me finds the soccer players to be a distraction though but then I can’t imagine the image without a foreground focal point. I wonder if I’d be happier if their clothing and the net were toned down in color a bit. Or, if they were shot in the midst of some soccer action rather than relative inactivity. I don’t know!

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