365- Summer

365- Summer, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Just another beautiful summer morning in NJ. Although there’s no action here just on the other side of the overpass the party boats are ready for some fishing.

I think this is one of my better HDR’s, do you like it?


6 Responses to “365- Summer”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    My favorite so far – love the dimension in this image – gorgeous!

  2. Danudin Says:

    Superb drama the sky is a treat.

  3. Gorgeous, Mike. The sky is amazing and so is the early morning light. Honestly, if there is anything not to like about the image it is that the jolts of orange and blue in the boats and on the dock keep attracting my attention. Make of that what you will! 😉

    You might be interested in this site, HDR Creme. It’s filled with HDRs from users in various parts of the world. You can search for images by tags and locations. Very cool.


  4. yeah one of your best would be more like it!

  5. I like the broad photo, the subjects, the colors, the sky, the boats and buildings, but since I know nothing about about HDR’s, I cannot comment. EXCEPT to say that the effect adds something that I’m not entirely certain I like. It is akin to adding too much in shadows and highlights.

  6. I especially like the quality of the light on the boats. You’ve brought out so much detail it’s getting salty… You have such a good way with HDR, it is often overdone.

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