365- Controls

365- Controls, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This is the interior of a Impala convertible from my metallic theme. This has a few after-market controls but still impressive. The processing is a combination of HDR and Topaz Adjust.


4 Responses to “365- Controls”

  1. I didn’t think Americans in General could use stick shift, just you OLD fellas..
    Chevy’s are great.

  2. Ooooooh, and it has a stick shift. I much prefer to drive a stick shift. When I drove school bus, I much preferred the stick to the auto transmissions. It offers much more control for road conditions. Where I drive, we had bad winters. Lots of ice, snow and otherwise inclement weather conditions. Like you shot, but still am not a fan of the extra treatment. It is my personal preference for the photo to remain as natural as possible.

  3. I love the reflections in the windshield and wing window. I love your processing, it feels like being there in the sun after the car is all detailed and ready to cruise.

  4. Jazzy controls! Love the HDR processing, Mike.

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