365- Sign, Sign….

365- Signs-Signs, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

After dropping off my daughter with a friend in Wildwood I took a ten minute ride to Cape May to get a couple of shots. I liked this scene except for the car, I asked the owner of the car to move it or I’d “whack” him, he didn’t by it and moved on…….I took the shot as is.


8 Responses to “365- Sign, Sign….”

  1. paramountplaces Says:

    very nice photo .

  2. A lovely section, love the colors. And I can’t believe how rude that car owner was, doesn’t he know he shouldn’t park where he can be in the way of a photographer? Jeez. Actually the car doesn’t bother me. Great image.

  3. I actually didnt think much of the car before I read your text. I agree though that that man doesnt understand the importance of making the perfect picture 😉

    Very nice photo, happy colors and the signs are funny. I wouldnt park near a sign saying “italian parking only” though…

  4. I dont know if you are the type that goes back to look for answers on your comments, so I post the answer here aswell:

    I shot it in b+w directly, usually I dont fix my photos much, but on this one I had to fix the light and shadows a bit… Midday sunlight in Sicily in the summer is murdering.
    For the minimalist flair.. I dont know.. They just comes out that way :o)

  5. Danudin Says:

    I guess his attitude is just a SIGN of the times Mike – OMG another sign!

  6. It’s gorgeous! The colors and composition and of course, the subject matter is beautiful. Regarding the car…..what we do for our photos!!!!!

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