365- Who Put That There?

365- Who Put That There?, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

On the beach by the Cape May lighthouse is a cement structure that looks like it just doesn’t belong. This bunker, designed and built by the Army Corp of Engineers, was part of the Harbor Defense Project of 1942. It contained heavy artillery and was manned by the naval forces who spent hours on end scanning the horizon for enemy surface ships and submarines. In fact, a German U-Boat commander surrendered his vessel just off the coast of Cape May at the end of World War Two.


2 Responses to “365- Who Put That There?”

  1. Thanks for the background info. Interesting!
    I understand those things once served an important purpose, but they for sure does not blend in…
    Great capture for this theme!

  2. Along with the jarring structure I love the shadows too. It certainly looks out of place. The Harbor Defense sure had some scenic spots to pour concrete in.

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