365- B+W

photowalk-portrait-b+w-we, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Here is my initial edit of the portrait into black and white. After 10 months of working on photos in elements I’m now realizing that saving into psd format is a gooood idea. You never know when you’ll learn new techniques to improve an image. Ah, better to be a slow learner than not learn at all!


9 Responses to “365- B+W”

  1. I like the B&W even better. It puts more emphisis on the artist.

  2. jmckiss Says:

    This version works as well as the full color…

  3. This is even better than the colorversion. This one GLOVES!

    I just started out with elements and I find it complicated… I make copies and “hide” the originals, then starts to play with the copies… Is saving in psd better?

  4. tmcchesney Says:

    I’m surprised – I think I like the black and white in this better than the color version (I am definitely a color person). I think it takes out some of the distractions in the background and draws the eyes to the subject.

  5. Excellant shot! His expression is perfect. I didn’t see the color version, I like this the way it is. I have found too I always save into JPG and PSD. PSD let’s me keep all my layers, which will let me have my BW and color version in the same place. When I need to publish I can “save as” a JPG. I like the RAW best of all, it gives the most options for editing.

  6. Great conversion…..I also like the b & w better!

  7. Clara Williams Says:

    I love the black and white version of this picture. It minimizes the shadows and brings out the details.

  8. Why do you recommend this action – saving into psd format?

  9. The color and the b/w versions seem to tell different stories, both powerful. I save psd’s and try hard to name the layers, makes a big difference months or more down the road.

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