365-Futuristic, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

These man made barriers with the blown out sun behind them kind of gives the beach a futuristic look. Although, I think there’s something else I could of done to emphasize the theme. Any idea’s?


6 Responses to “365-Futuristic”

  1. Only futuristic in the Apocalyptic sense! Looks like a shot from the movie “On the Beach” An oldie but a goodie!

  2. tmcchesney Says:

    A very clean and striking beach picture, not the norm – I like it!! The clean and straight lines just pull you in!

  3. I like it and I think you’re on the right track with the “futuristic” theme. Everything I can think of as far as in camera editing would probably result in an apolcalyptic theme rather than futuristic. With digital editing you could posterize it just a bit to get an edgier trendy look that might empasize the theme more.

  4. All you need is the arm of the Statue of Libery sticking out of the sand and you’ve got the “Planet of the Apes”. Very sci-fi! Excellent.

  5. Planet of the Apes is the first thing I thought about. Nice job.

  6. Yep, Planet of the Apes is what I thought of straight away too! Love that series and this shot!

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