365- Private

365- Private, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This is, as it says, a private residence in Cape May NJ. Not to be confused with the many B+B’s scattered around the town. Cape May is famous for all it’s Victorian style architecture…amongst other things.


6 Responses to “365- Private”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    What a happy looking house, it just looks so cheerful (even though it’s private. Beautiful image, I would love to go there some day!

  2. Picture Postcard Private, and a good warning re visitors. Lovely shot.

  3. Oh, thats lovely!
    I wouldnt mind living there… Not at all (atleast not if I was rich enough to keep a gardener 😉

    I think I manage to solve the problem with the photos in my blog now. Let me know if you can still not see them.

  4. Marvelous shot! Beautiful gingerbread on this house. Love the beautiful porch. Looks inviting for one to come and sit a while. The colors are awesome, as well as the light. The yard is well-tended and inviting too. You did a swell job on this one, Mike.

  5. janets365 Says:

    You’ve captured the spirit of Cape May which is one of out favorite places. It’s not easy to get a shot without cars or powerlines when the houses are all so close to the street, but you did a marvelous job!

  6. Lots of detail in this lovely shot. I bet they still get people walking right in even with the sign…

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