365- Risky

365- Risky, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I would never advise anyone to run in front of a car just to get a shot but with this one I couldn’t resist.
Upon closer examination only the processing was tried to make the car look like it is moving (tricked you huh?) Maybe you can only see it in the enlarged version.
This is another old Willy taken at a local cruise night.


7 Responses to “365- Risky”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Great processing and creative use of the theme!

  2. janets365 Says:

    Ha! The car looks very stationary but the building is falling backwards. 🙂 Either way it’s a cool shot!

  3. Great job with that processing, Mike! You did fool me! The car is pretty neato too!

  4. I first thougt you moved the lense while shooting, but that woldnt have given all the car that sharp.
    Great job! I have no patience with working with effects… maybe because I havent learned enough yet….

  5. Fun shot and very cool vehicle- I can’t think how you could fake motion coming toward you realistically…

  6. Don’t think you were in any danger because no one is behind the wheel – unless this is a run-away vehicle! lol

    Like the flag behind the windshield. Also the awning stripes. The man standing there makes me think I’m seeing double. I think you achieved the movement you wanted to create. They don’t make the Willy’s like they used to. This one looks almost show-room perfect. You captured it really well.

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