365- Letters

365- Letters, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

You can find letters in the strangest places. In the case of this eatery(Zebu) it’s on the ceiling.
I’ve always wanted to take a few shots of this place, the colors, patterns and light make it a great spot for HDR. The owner is a nice guy and he allowed me a few shots, I’m fairly pleased with the results. What do you like or dislike?


5 Responses to “365- Letters”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Great lighting! There is so much going on in this little eatery that it takes a little while to soak it all in – perfect image for a HDR!

  2. janets365 Says:

    I love it! The light on the big chair in the bottom right is a little distracting though. I would try to tone it down a little bit with the adjustment brush in LR. The composition is perfect to draw the eye through the room and the colors and details are wonderful!

  3. Amazing that you were able to capture “LETTERS” that spell out the essentials of life too. I think the chair as a balance for the blonde kid to the right, and the Effect is “Punch in the Eye” out there so leave be. I love the way the floor has been brought to life and it is so good to see a diner with a crowd.

  4. I like the processing…the tones in this photo are great.

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