365- Out West

365- Out West, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Located inside The Capital building in Washington DC are about half a dozen life size sculptures of significant contributors to American history.
Not knowing anything about most of these people I did some research and found some interesting facts about Chief Washakie of Wyoming….. Chief Washakie was a leader of the Shoshone Indian tribe for 60 years, signing several significant treaties which established a reservation for his people.
Upon is death, Chief Washakie was given a full military burial and was ranked as Captain by orders from the President of the United States. He was buried in the military cemetery, which would later become known as Chief Washakie Cemetery. This was the only full military burial ever given to an American Indian Chief.


3 Responses to “365- Out West”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    wonderful memorial to Chief Washakie, and wow, what a neat statue! I love the subtle hints of color it in!

  2. Your getting the hang of this Kid, Great stuff, The Shoshone (The Humans) were so wide-spresd that they were involved in so much Western History, I am glad you centered on a Peace Maker. My favorite Chief Joseph (Nez Perce) was also known as a Peacemaker, but what principles. I have a painting of him hanging over my shoulder right now. A True Hero of the West!

  3. Interesting story. Not being american I dont know much of americas history eccept for the most important things.

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