365- Fire or Flame

365- Fire or Flame, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I learned a few things as I studied this shot and I’d like to share them with you, maybe it will help you in your pursuit of the perfect shot.
1. I have a lot more to learn and here’s why….
2. Although I had my Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 to help with lighting that wide open aperture doesn’t help if you want sharpness throughout the subject. Next time I take the tripod out of the car and stop it down to at least f11 or more to get all the car in focus.
3. If you have a busy background, wait for cars and people to move so they’re out of the shot leaving less distractions. Next time I’ll be more patient. (Suuuure!)
4. If I had put on my polarizer, the reflections on these beautiful cars would be less pronounced producing less distractions.
5. Lightroom and Photoshop can only help so much if the product out of the camera is not what you want. I need to get it right in the field.

Writing this will hopefully help others and make me remember to do this next time in the field. If you would like to add to these please do!

BTW this was abolutely my favorite car in the show!


6 Responses to “365- Fire or Flame”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Good advise Mike! I have already been trying to follow the tripod advise you gave, (easier said than done LOL). I do have a polarizer, but rarely use it, you made a point I never thought about!! By the way, I can see why you fell in love with this car!

  2. Now that is a Boomer Subject I can ID. Agree with the tripod, but that is so much a Street Scene any less distraction would have constituted subtraction for me. The Subject Jumps. I don’t even know if I would have used the Duo Tone effect, but Hey you took it, not me, Bravo Author, Author!

  3. I think the hardest thing to learn in your list is patient! 🙂 I simply do not have it!
    I have two tripods, one bigger and one small… do I use them? Do I even bring them with me?? I have to stop being lazy!

  4. I agree with everything you said and I would only add, look at your subject and surrounding areas carefully. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been so excited to review the shots I’ve taken, only to discover phone wires, signs, etc. in the frame Many times, I could have easily re-composed on site if I hadn’t been so “focused” on other aspects of the shot.

  5. Cool! (of hot, depending on how one wants to look at it…)

  6. I may need to jot down these 5 Commandmants of Boomer – I should be following them all the time. I tend to lean way to much towards the wide open apeture, and almost never get out my tripod because it’s at least 20 years old (DH’s from when he was photo editor of his college paper) and it’s heavy! Despite violating your own commandmants it’s still a nice capture.

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