365- Footwear

365- Footwear, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

The preferred footwear for the summer, my kids have at least 4 pairs a piece.


5 Responses to “365- Footwear”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    Me too, me too! The most comfy shoes ever created!

  2. This would have made good “Legs” too. Nice shaped. Well formed. Next, she’ll be asking to shave her legs. 😀 Bet the thongs are either hot pink or aqua blue. Good shot.

    I’ve worn thongs ever since the mid-50’s. Dija know they are that old?? Maybe even older if you lived in the Orient.

  3. Nice composition, Mike – an everyday subject made interesting by your choice of B&W!!

  4. The ubiqitous flip-flip! Great use of B&W to bring out the details on the sandals and the painted toes.

  5. simple and clean shot. cute too.

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