365- Sandy

365- Sandy, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Ron made me feel really bad because of my fasteners theme s t r e t c h so I felt it necessary to post a photo that even he wouldn’t have a problem with (the king of stretch, himself). After our trip to DC we needed to relax on the soft SAND in Cape May, NJ.
Hey Ron, am I redeemed now?


10 Responses to “365- Sandy”

  1. No redemption needed here! 🙂

    I do have to say you have made me totally jealous though! I would give anything to be sitting in that warm sand right about now! This is definitely candy for the eyes!

  2. Classic beach photo. Feels so late-summery!

  3. Wow! I could look at this scene for hours. But I have a soft spot for beach scenes that include beach grass, sand, water and sky. The way you have wedged the sandy beach between the grassy area and the water was pure poetry! The sky is great, but not so great that it detracts from the beach scene. Just complements it. Lovely! All evening I’m seeing photos that need to be framed and hung! Add this one to the bunch!!

  4. I love all the footprints and the sense that everyone is gone after a full day at the beach.

  5. No redemption necessary Mike, the Brew HaHa was worth it all and Julie referring the matter to the International Committee for the Adherence to Themes, was the Coup De Grace of the year, good to see the old girl hasn’t lost it, you crawler. If you like shot like you posted have a look at some of my WINTER shots, as it gets too hot here to walk barefoot on the sandLOL.
    Grat Beach shot, and good to see the dune reclamation at work too.

  6. I TOLD you to may him no never mind!!!!! However, it did bring us this fabulous shot!!!

  7. Ohhh……………..I’d love to be wiggling my toes in that sand! Beautiful and serene and exceptionally well photographed. I particularly like the soft tones for this scene…

  8. I like the different lines in it

  9. This belongs on the wall to remind one of the promise of summer when the snow is blowing this winter.

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