365- Rural Decay (My Theme)

365- Rural Decay, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This decaying structure is on the property of Lairds distillery in Colts Neck NJ. The Lairds have been producing “AppleJack” brandy since 1780. More information can be found here.


10 Responses to “365- Rural Decay (My Theme)”

  1. Ah, Applejack! That provided a memorable hangover for me one weekend when I was in college. Nice theme – and great processing on the photo. I love old, decaying structures and always wonder what their story is.

  2. LOVE this one – the processing is gorgeous and the composition is picture perfect!! really nice!

  3. Another winner, Mike!

  4. You took this before you were old enough to even taste Applejack Right? and if you have ENOUGH Applejack who cares about a little decay/ Love the shot!

  5. Looks like this may have been a store front at one time. Great shot of the grungy decay. Love it.

  6. Nice! It looks exactly as one of those very old photos! Great job!

  7. Great shot. Very cool sky too. The sepia is perfect for this.

  8. The sepia and the vignette effect add the oerfect sense of age and wear.

  9. Wonderful photo and processing. I like your choice of sepia tone.

  10. Rural Decay is one of my favourite themes to see! Hope it makes the list next year…

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